Breakfast: Two scrambled eggs, chicken sausage, steamed spinach, and black bean.

Lunch: Acai, 2 bananas, milk, almond butter smoothie

Dinner: Contigo (, in San Francisco.  My God!!!  So delicious.  The fried goat cheese salad with pomegranate seeds and persimmons was easily the best thing I’ve ever had in SF.


  • The first week’s focus is waiting 4.5 hours between meals, and this has already proven to be challenging.  While the breakfast looks hardy, it definitely did not take me through the entire period.  By the time lunch came around, I tried to make the quickest thing possible.  This also proved to be less than sufficient calories, as I felt light headed and unable to concentrate at work.  I need to make my meals a bit heartier so that I have the energy to last me through to the next meal.
  • The other challenge is that other people’s schedule may not be in sync with my meal schedule.  Case in point.  My girlfriend’s mother is in town and we took her out to dinner.  I ate lunch at 12:30, which meant I could have either eaten again at 5 and not have had dinner with my gf and her mom at 6:45 (not an option), or I could wait until 6:45.  By the time dinner came around, I was in an unpleasant mood.
  • While the first week’s focus is not on food combination, it’s worth noting that the shake is not compliant.  (Not allowed to mix milk with either fruits or nuts.)  The diet demands forethought and planning, that’s for sure.

Day 2

Breakfast // Grass-fed beef burger, lentils, steamed spinach.

Lunch // 2 “Renergy” Sandwiches (whole wheat toast, raw almond butter, avocados, spinach)

Dinner // TBD, but I’ll definitely wait at least 4.5 hours.

Breakfast, Day 2


  • Still on a 4.5 hour schedule.
  • I was hungry two hours after breakfast.  Again, I need to pack more meangingful calories into that meal.
  • The first time I saw Rener make the Renergy sandwich on Youtube, I thought: “That looks disgusting!”  To the contrary, it’s money.  I just had two.