Breakfast: Bowl of oatmeal, sausage from Jamie’s dinner last night, two wedges of Gruyere cheese

Lunch: 8 oz. of grass fed beef burgers, steamed spinach, a banana

Dinner: Chicken breast, roasted brussels sprouts, sauteed kale

Post-dinner snack: Two home baked chocolate-chip cookies (blame Jamie!!!)





  • I was crabby and lethargic about two hours after lunch.  I’m still not sure how to ensure I have the right amount of nutrients at each meal to get me through to the next one.  Could coconut water make that much of a difference?
  • Post dinner, though, I felt pretty great.
  • Please keep in mind, this is still week 1 of the phase-in, so I’m focused on meal spacing not correct combinations.  For example, the banana would not combine well with the meat or the spinach according to the tenets of the Gracie Diet.