Day 6 (Yesterday was a travel day from Oakland to New York City.  I found no time to post.)

Breakfast:   Oatmeal, two grass-fed beef burgers, and steamed spinach

Lunch: Two spinach pies, 3 falafel balls, and hummus (at the airport)

Dinner: Chicken breast, steamed spinach

Breakfast, Day 6

Notes (Day 6):

  • Virgin flight # 26 hit terrible turbulence about 2.5 hours away from NY.  I thought I was going to die, so, naturally, I didn’t feel very hungry.  When all was said and done, seven hours passed between lunch and dinner.
  • Rorion advises not to eat the same item in a 24 hour period.  I assume this is to encourage variety in the diet.  When I got to my parent’s place, this was the healthiest thing I could find.

Day 7

Breakfast: Chicken breast, steamed spinach, pitted dates

Lunch: Two grass-fed beef burgers, lentils, tall glass of carrot juice

Dinner: Smoothie with two bananas, half a mini-watermelon, and a cup of 4% fat cottage cheese; handful of macadamia nuts

Breakfast, Day 7

Lunch, Day 7

Dinner, Day 7


  • This is the last day where I exclusively focus on spacing meals 4.5 hours apart.  This coming week, I also avoid desserts and sodas.
  • I went to Trader Joe’s in Queens since my parents are not outfitted with things to help me keep the diet.  I am finding that the diet is definitely helping me to focus more on fruits and vegetables.
  • Coconut water seems to have an appreciable effect on how I feel between meals.
  • I bought a watermelon because I was craving it.  However, the dull color and lack of taste was a strong reminder for only buying fruits when in season.
  • Note: Dinner is not compliant because of the mixing of nuts with Group C foods.
  • has launched!


My friend and mat beast, Osman, sent me a PDF of bodyweight workouts.  Not have gym access here, and not having equipment at my parent’s place, I tried Crouching Tiger.  Modifications are noted below.  Total time: 22:40.  Let me know if you beat that time in the comments.

50 air squats
50 pushups – chest to floor, lock-out arms at top (this is important, don’t cheat)
50 (modified) pistols (search for example videos, with modifications, here:
4 finger tip pushups; 21 pushups (I didn’t want to slow down the pace, so I switched)
50 side lunges
25 pushups (knuckle pushups prescribed)
50 walking lunges
25 diamond pushups