Andre Galvao and Tim Sledd, from Tim's site

Today, my interview with Brazilian Jiujitsu brown belt and owner of a school that has become the first Atos affiliate in the US, Tim Sledd, is available at The Fightworks Podcast.  (You can find the interview here or via the ITunes store as a free podcast.)  We discuss what is a sensitive and controversial subject in jiujitsu – affiliation.  Tim takes you through the ins and outs of the process, including:

  • what factors to weigh as a school owner or coach in evaluating different associations;
  • the benefits and pitfalls of affiliation;
  • the requirements and obligations an affiliation bring might bring;
  • how to determine if it might be time to sever ties with your existing association;
  • and, much more.

If you are curious about the behind-the-scenes process, especially if you are seeking formal guidance in the art but are not near high level instruction, this interview is for you!

As always, big thanks to Caleb for allowing me to contribute to the show.