Knee-To-Elbow Connection From On Top

Knee-to-elbow is often associated with strong posture when escaping mount or side control.  However, the concept of a strong knee-to-elbow connection is important for top players to think about when passing the open or half guard.

Last night at Eduardo Rocha’s, Verne (who is a newly minted black belt) taught two strong guard passes for when you find yourself caught in half guard.  In the second pass particularly, after establishing combat base, the knee-to-elbow connection was key to preventing your opponent from re-establishing an advantageous connection point for them – their foot on your hip.  The knee-to-elbow “wall” guards against this, allowing you to initiate your pass.

The open guard tutorial by Ryron and Rener below, while not focusing on this specific concept, illustrates it as they teach the guard pass.